DWAS Early Years 1976-82 photos

In May 2016 the Doctor Who Appreciation Society was 40 years old. On this page to accompany the posts about the early days of the Society there are a variety of pix of DWAS publications, events and assorted other items. (If there are any date errors, please let me know so I can correct them)
The first issue of Tardis fanzine from 1975 edited by Andrew Johnson. It was fans who helped out on this zine who would start up the DWAS the next year.
An early issue of the DWAS `Tardis` which cost just 8p in 1976!

The first ever Celestial Toyroom (aka CT) when it was just a Pen Pals and Swaps zine.

One of the first DWAS Special publications was this 1976 Dalek- Cybermen zine.

 Each year the DWAS held a season poll, these are the results of the first one. 

The first DWAS Yearbook

Now costing 15p, Tardis was still the best fanzine around in 1977. Like many DWAS publications the cover was drawn by Stuart Glazebrook.

Inside the Tardis! 1977

A certain metal mutt makes his debut!
The organisers of the first DWAS Convention in August 1977.

The cover of the 1977 Convention booklet.


CT becomes a monthly newsletter in 1978 fronted by imagined news stories based around various adventures and written by Jeremy Bentham.

Coloured paper was in in 1978! 
The more colourful the better!
The second DWAS Convention PanoptiCon 78 offered something very special...
The 1977-78 DWAS Yearbook with Gordon (Drog) Langden's stunning cover.

Graham Williams Producer Column in `Tardis`

Sometimes the members had to be cajoled into taking part...the notorious DWApathy editorial.

Reference Department's `Amazing Journeys` Special 1979

Douglas Adams and Graham Williams at PanoptiCon 3 1979

Jon Pertwee arrives at PanoptiCon 1979

 Jon P without his Whomobile!

 Jon P and friend

Tom Baker ready to sign at PanoptiCon 79

Poster for Drama department (aka DWAS Films) `Ocean In The Sky` film which showed at PanoptiCon 3 in 1979.

1978-79 Yearbook

CT had to sometimes report that fans didn't always show the programme in a good light.

 `Tardis` colour cover 1980
PanoptiCon 4- my first DWAS event.
Some of my autographs from PanoptiCon 4 including Verity Lambert.
More autographs, obviously.
Heh, heh, heh, it's Anthony Ainley whose appearance was a `master`class in how to command the stage...
Brilliant he was!
It's a little known fact that Abba actually attended PanoptiCon 4 and made a brief appearance on stage. Altogether now "Soo-ooper Troo-oooper..."
Without eyepatches or moustache. Nick Courtney and John Levene signing in civvies.

Heather Hartnell and her grandson at PanoptiCon 4
How to get there. If only I had a time machine I think I would go back....yes I definitely would!
`Tardis` highlighting the radical crossing patrols of the Sixties.
DWASocial 2 held in Edinburgh in 1982
The DWAS Executive of the early 1980s.

Peter Davison at 1982's PanoptiCon.
John Nathan Turner receiving the `Fans Producer` special award at PanoptiCon in 1982.
Many thanks to Graeme Wood for colour photos from 1978, 79 and 81 conventions.

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