30 December 2018

What's on this blog?

Space Time Telegraph was a Doctor Who blog active between 2015-18. On here you can find....

Episode reviews - modern Series 11, 10 and 3, original Seasons 15 and 24 plus the 1996 tv movie.

Doctor Who 70s publications- Making of Doctor Who, Holiday Specials, Monster Book, Poster magazines.

Blackpool Doctor Who Exhibition accounts including photos.

In depth reviews of Masque of Mandragora, Hand of Fear, Robot, Day of the Daleks, Ambassadors of Death, Tribe of Gum and the animated Power of the Daleks.

Reviews of all episodes of spin off Class.
2017 - Rumours, developments and reactions leading to the reveal of the new Doctor.

Selected Doctor Who conventions 1981-2001- old reviews reprinted with rare photos.

Fan Publications  - Tardis- early issues reviewed 1976-77, Celestial Toyroom 1981.

Early history of Doctor Who Appreciation Society 1976-81.
and much more!! 

This blog is no longer updated but you can find new Doctor Who reviews and features popping up on This Way Up.

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