Fashionable Frontier In Space

Last year Rosalind the grand- daughter of actress Vera Fusek did a photoshoot on her blog in which she rocks the very same dress sported by her grandmother in `Frontier in Space` back in 1973. The erstwhile President of Earth was seen lounging about during the story but perhaps not quite like this. That would have surprised General Williams!
In a  fascinating post  Rosalind talks about the dress and also how her grandmother certainly does not treasure the memory; “I think nothing of it,” Vera (who is still going strong in her mid 80s) is quoted as saying, “It was just a time filler- a kids tv show”.  Apparently she took the role partly because as a widow she needed the money and also as a favour to director Paul Bernard who was a friend. Mind you, if she didn’t like the role how come she’s kept the dress in such pristine condition? Rosalind seems more intrigued by the role than her gran is and talks about the femininity of the President of the Earth as imagined by the story. The post has several photos and talks about things Vera is proud of and is well worth a look here.
Perhaps this will start a trend which means we will soon see a descendent of Cyril Shaps posing in the Archimandrite’s hat or some relative of  RJ Bell slipping out for a pint of milk wearing the Garm costume!

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