Edge of Destruction Part 3

"Yes, very good dance Susan."

Exclusive!! Script extract from the planned episode 3 of Edge of Destruction recently discovered underneath a church in Balham.
It is the morning after the night before. The crew have been sleeping on uncomfortable flat beds within inches of each other. The Doctor is up early, jettisoning scissors into space. Susan is in the kitchen cooking futuristic pancakes which look exactly like pancakes except they are triangular. Barbara strolls in.
Susan - "Hello, Miss Wright, I'm terribly sorry .. "
Barbara (confused)- "What, for talking too quickly and screaming all the time?"
Susan bursts into tears and accidentally drops half a bottle of oil into the pan which flares up.
She rushes over to Barbara who cuddles her.
Barbara- "Don't worry Susan it'll be alright"
Susan - "Oh, I'm sorry, I really am it's just that since you came on board the ship, Idon'tknowwhatdayitisorwhatl'mtalkingaboutandl'mfrightenedofeverything ... "
Barbara- "What?"